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June 2020

Rolemaster First Edition

Product List

Cover Stock
Product Name Release Date ISBN Pages
1100 Arms Law 1980 ? ? 48
1500 Claw Law 1980 ? ? 48
1400 Spell Law Boxed Set 1981 ? ? 112
1600 Arms Law & Claw Law Box 1982 ? 72
1700 Character Law 1982 0-915795-02-7 52
1000 Rolemaster Box #1 1982 ? ? 220
1000 Rolemaster Box #2 1982 ? ? 288
1900 Campaign Law 1984 ? 56
1000 Rolemaster Box #3 1984 0-915795-04-3

2 comments to Rolemaster First Edition

  • 传奇sfHere’s a couple of the missing notes, I’ll have to get them added to the actual pages:

    传奇sf1st ed. RM box set with jorgensen cover art came in three major different styles

    传奇sf1. box back printed in portrait w/parchment versions(various) inside

    传奇sf2. box back printed in landscape w/parchment versions inside

    传奇sf3. box back printed in landscape with additional text about the inclusion of Vog Mur and the book editions inside(plus vog mur)

    传奇sfalso, the 1983 box spell law came with separate colored realm books with regular print font

  • thorwyn


    first off, thank you very much for this website and for the work you put into it! It´s great! *thumbs up*

    I`m not sure about the content of the Roleaster Boxes #1 – #3
    You say, they contain the Second Edition Arms Law, Spell Law and Character Law (the blue one) as well as Vog Mur?
    传奇sf I have a Rolemaster box in my collection and it contains none of the mentioned books (at least not in the 2nd Ed. version). Instead, it contains a set of those 1980 prints.

    Same is true for Spell Law. I have a 1981 box and there is no blue Spell Law in it. If you´re interested, I can send you pictures of the boxes and their content.

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