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June 2020

Translations – Japanese

Product List

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Product Name Release Date ISBN Pages
Middle-earth Adventure Guidebook
Yubiwa-monogatari Rooru-pureingu Staato Setto (Middle Earth Roleplaying) 1987
Rivendell The House of Elrond(+Trolls of the Misty Mountains) 1987
Bree and the Barrow Downs(+Thieves of Tharbad) 1988
Gates of Mordor(+The Tower of Cirith Ungol and Shelob’s Lair) 1989
Riders of Rohan(+Campaign and Adventure Guidebook) 1989
Aamuzu Roo & Kuroo Roo: Bujutsu Taiten (Arms Law & Claw Law) 1990
Superu Roo: Jumon Taiten (Spell Law) 1990
Kyampeen Roo & Kyarakutaa Roo: Yuusha Taiten (Campaign Law & Character Law) 1991
Middle-earth Adventure Guidebook 2 1991
Kuriichaazu & Torejaazu: Seibutsu, Houmotsu Taiten (Creatures & Treasures) 1993
3000ljp HARP Lite in Japanese 23-Aug-08 110
160jp Character & Campaign Law in Japanese 23-Aug-08
154jp Spell Law in Japanese 02-Dec-08
159jp Arms Law in Japanese 18-Feb-09
161jp Creatures and Treasures in Japanese 18-Jul-09

5 comments to Translations – Japanese

  • Switched this page over to using the Database version of the list, haven’t created the individual pages yet.

  • 传奇sfThanks again! Links would be great

  • Sorry for the delay, but will be sending those pictures to you on soon. or I will setup links for the pictures so you can download them at will so I don’t fill up your mail box.

    Jeff Monahan

  • That would be great, thanks! You can email them to me at
    Glad you like the site.

  • 传奇sfI have a MERP Boxed set of the second edition in Japanese. If you want I can get some digital shots of the box and items inside of it.

    I bought it in Japan while I was in the Military back in 89 and 90

    传奇sfThanks for your web site

    Jeff Monahan

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